Refund Policy

To activate the procedure for after-sales services it is necessary to contact our Customer Service.

Item replacement for incorrect shipment
The product replacement procedure for incorrect shipment can be activated when a product other than the one the customer ordered and, therefore, not present in his order has been erroneously shipped from Itaworld.

The procedure can be activated within 8 calendar days from the date of delivery of the goods, the service can be activated by contacting our Customer Service.
Before activating this service, it is advisable to compare what has arrived with the technical description of the article on our site, where you can view a detailed photo of each article and its main technical characteristics.
Shipping costs are borne by Itaworld and shipping must be made by EXPRESS courier.
The item must be returned in the state in which it was delivered, therefore without any signs and writing of any kind on the packaging and without having been opened in any way, using a rigid box and special packaging that protect against damage during transport.
The opening of the package will be allowed, insofar as it is essential, only in the event that the packaging does not allow the verification of the ordered product with respect to the one delivered.
In the event that the item on your purchase invoice is no longer available, you will be contacted by our customer service who will issue a credit note and a simultaneous bank transfer to your account. current. The amount of any credit note and bank transfer will be calculated taking into account any discounts and promotions on the purchase invoice.
The corrupted or damaged item must be sent by EXPRESS courier to the address indicated by the Customer Service.
The transport costs will be borne by Itaworld
Refund in case of incomplete order
This service can be activated within 8 days of receipt of the goods, if the order is not complete.
Before activating this service, Itaworld recommends that you compare what has been delivered to you with the technical description of the item, as well as the accompanying material on the site.

Damage to Goods during home transport.
In the event that the courier delivers to the Customer with a visibly damaged packaging, Itaword recommends, to obtain a refund or an exchange, to accept the goods by putting the reason " on the transport document Accepted subject to scrutiny "; always check the integrity of the goods by opening the packaging. If the courier denies this check, put the writing " Accepted subject to control " on the courier's bill.
The Customer must therefore promptly contact, and in any case no later than 8 days, the Customer Service which will open a case of damage for the replacement of the goods. He must also send an e-mail to where he indicates that the goods have been collected subject to control and reporting the anomaly found.
In the event that the customer contacts the Itaworld Customer Service after the 8th day and does not follow the points indicated above, the request for damage will not be accepted.
Right of withdrawal
Purchases on our site are subject to the provisions of Legislative Decree n. 185 of 22/05/1999, dictated in the matter of distance contracts in cases where the delivery of the goods takes place at the buyer's home, as these purchases are completed outside the business premises.
The importance of the aforementioned legislation is substantiated in the provision for the purchaser of the right of withdrawal.
To whom does the right of withdrawal apply?
Community legislation provides that the right of withdrawal can be exercised only by natural persons (consumers) who act for purposes that can be considered unrelated to their commercial activity.
The right of withdrawal, therefore, cannot be exercised by legal persons and natural persons acting for purposes related to a commercial activity.
The right of withdrawal also excludes purchases made by resellers or by subjects who in any way purchase for resale to third parties.
What does it consist of?
The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 10 working days of receipt of the goods, returning the goods subject to withdrawal to the seller, who will refund the price of the returned goods.
It should be noted that in the case of prize operations (the so-called promotions), in which the purchase of an asset is combined with another asset that is sold at a negligible price or even given as a gift, the right to withdrawal will be legitimately exercised with the return of both goods purchased, given the constraint of the accessibility of the goods in promotion with respect to the first.
How do you exercise the right of withdrawal?
Before contacting Itaworld Customer Service, it is advisable to have the following documents and data available:
- original invoice / order (indicates the order number, invoice number, Customer code);
- in case of partial withdrawal, in addition to the purchase invoice, the article code (s);
- bank details on which to obtain the transfer (Code ABI - CAB - Current Account of the invoice holder);
At this point you can contact the Itaworld Customer Service. who will inform you of the procedure to be adopted to open the withdrawal procedure, at the same time giving you the authorization for the return of the components.
How do you ship to Itaworld (return shipment)?
1. After activating the withdrawal procedure, it is necessary to insert the original wrapping containing the goods in a special package, in order to protect the original wrapping of the products from any damage, writing or alteration. Itaworld reserves the right to refuse the goods received in the event of non-compliance with the above procedure.
2. Note the number and year of the order on the packages shipped.
3. Send the goods at your own expense, to the following address: Itaworld Via L.Brea 75 Zip code: 18100 to the name: Andi Kazani
It is understood that the Itaworld Warehouse will not accept shipments without the order number on the packaging, which will be returned to the sender at his expense.
Attention : it is advisable to use a courier or other suitable means for shipping the traceability of the shipment
It is understood that Itaworld will not proceed with the refund of the goods subject to withdrawal, if it does not receive the relative delivery.
How long does it take to make the transfer for the return?
Within 30 working days of receipt of the goods, Itaword will credit the Customer with the amount corresponding to the value of the goods resulting from the invoice. The aforementioned amount does not include shipping costs. This in accordance with art. 5, paragraph 6, Legislative Decree n. 185 of 22/05/1999
Itaworld reserves as of now not to accept shipments of components or products that:
- do not contain original packaging, accessories and manuals;
- have been made without having activated the request for intervention to the Itaworld Customer Service.
- have been carried out without following the sending methods indicated by the Itaworld Customer Service.
In such cases the transport costs for the return will be charged to the customer.