In Imperia, where the mountains embrace the sea, the best oil is born. The love and passion for these lands has led Andy, Luca and Dionisie to create unique products.

27 JUNE 2019

Here ITAWORLD is born. Between inexperience and the desire to succeed, two guys create the company we can talk about today. Their names are Andy and Luca. They start with a van, dealing with various types of aromatic herbs and gradually building a range of customers throughout the province, from restaurants to shops to supermarkets. They understand that organization in deliveries and punctuality is crucial to stand out in this line of work. Well, then who better than a trusted childhood friend like Antonio? Antonio takes the reins of the van and carves out his space among the competition. In deliveries, he is respected for his punctuality and precision, creating relationships with customers and earning their trust.

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11 MARCH 2020

The World Health Organization officially declares a state of pandemic. During that period, Andy's father fell ill with COVID-19. He has been managing olive grove campaigns since 1995, with around 1,300 olive trees. Unable to regularly supply his customers, he turned to the Itaworld organization for help. Andy and Luca do not give up and publicly express their willingness to deliver directly to people who are forcibly confined to their homes, donating a portion of their earnings to the White Cross of Imperia and making their work beneficial to society.

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Among the catastrophes caused by the pandemic, an opportunity arises due to the increasing prevalence of digitalization in businesses worldwide. As the year 2021 arrives, Itaworld decides to shift its operations online and bring their initial project to life, which aimed to simplify the search for typical Ligurian food products on a single marketplace. The two founders decide to consolidate their efforts and create a marketplace that brings together local producers and sells their products. However, this was just a stepping stone for the real project. Along their journey, they meet Dionisie, a serious and enthusiastic young man skilled in design. What luck! It was time to introduce the ITAWORLD brand to the world by creating products from scratch and giving them a unique and distinctive identity.

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It's time to establish an operational base to dedicate themselves to their work. In a short amount of time, they manage to find an empty, albeit small, space. It was available, and that was all that mattered. In no time, they acquire a workshop and start producing the products that have become synonymous with Itaworld today. Dionisie creates new labels, eventually reaching the current design in four languages, with a transparent look that allows for expansion into international markets. It's a touch of class that enables Itaworld to begin exporting and ultimately establish ITAWORLD COMPANY. Through various sales channels, the first real achievements start to arrive, catching the attention of newspapers such as "La Riviera."

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ITAWORLD moves to a larger space, along with bigger projects. The new headquarters offers the opportunity to implement new strategic roles. It has only been a year since the first office, and within that short span, the growth to a bigger location is an incredible achievement. It is a testament to their constant effort and dedication.

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Kazani Andi
COO & Founder
andy@itaworld.eu / +39 324 778 7951
Borrelli Luca
CEO & Co-Founder
luca@itaworld.eu / +39 380 231 7863
Gaina Dionisie
Head of Design & Co-Founder
dionisie@itaworld.eu / +39 375 653 4479
Frank Luca
USA Sales Representative
frankL@itaworld.eu / +1 (732) 543-3344
Andrei Ciprian Cretu
Warehouse Manager
Kazani Emri
Company Support
Jordanov Antonio
Sales Advisor
Fantini Marco
Marketing Manager
Agricultural Labourers