Shipping & Returns



We use the best couriers to get the goods delivered in the best conditions and in the shortest time possible.


Packaging and shipping costs are borne by the Customer, except for special promotions put in place on the Site. For orders of any entity with delivery within the European territory (this does not include Italy) shipping costs are equal to 20 Euro, free of charge for orders over 250 Euro.

Delivery terms

There are up to 2 delivery attempts, the second will be agreed by phone with the customer. It 'provided a maximum storage of 5 days at the headquarters of the Courier, after that the goods will be returned to ITAWORLD.


We guarantee the care and professionalism in the packaging of products, ensuring the minimum risk of receiving damaged goods. Structured packaging tailored to each type of product. Packed complete with reinforcements to prevent damage during the journey.


Product replacement

The procedure of exchange goods for incorrect shipment can be requested when a product other than that ordered by the customer has been incorrectly shipped and, therefore, not present in the order. It can be requested within 8 days from the delivery date, the request can be made by contacting our Customer Service.

Handling of goods during delivery

The goods travel exclusively at the risk of the Customer. It is recommended, especially in the case of fragile goods like ours, to sign the delivery note with "Control Reserve" in order to take advantage of the possibility to request the replacement of damaged goods. We will not accept any dispute if the collection is not carried out in the manner indicated above.